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The best record cleaning solutions period!

Super Enzyme Record Cleaning Fluid Concentrate 2oz
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Advanced Record Cleaning Fluid Concentrate 2oz
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Vinyl Care Solutions is dedicated to making those noisy crackly records sound like new again. To do this we've designed two types of record cleaning concentrates that when mixed with a gallon of distilled water will clean over 2000 records better than anything else on the market. There is a wealth of information hidden inside those tiny grooves and our record cleaning concentrates will reveal every bit of information that your records have to offer.

  • Contains NO alcohol
  • Use of Environmentally friendly enzymes and surfactants
  • Increased dynamic contrasts from LP playback
  • Enhanced bass response from LP playback
  • Enhanced high frequency detail from LP playback
  • Improved overall soundstage depth and width from LP playback
  • Dramatic reduction in surface noise resulting in improved clarity
    and instrumental definition
  • Increased LP longevity
  • Makes 2 gallons of Record Cleaning Fluid
  • Cleans over 2000 records

Vinyl Care Solutions offers the best record cleaning fluids on the market regardless of price. Our record cleaning fluid concentrates offer the most bang for your buck because you can mix your own fluid and save on shipping. Our record cleaning fluid concentrates have cleaned records better than Nitty Gritty Pure Record Cleaning Fluid, Nitty Gritty First RV Pre Cleaner, Nitty Gritty PUREnzyme+, Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Record cleaner , Mobile Fidelity Super Record Wash, Mobile Fidelity Plus Enzyme Cleaner, Discwasher D4, VPI Record Cleaning Solution, Audio Intelligent Premium Archivist Formula, Audio Intelligent Enzymatic Formula, Audio Intelligent Formula 15, Audio Intelligent Premium One-Step Formula #6, Audio Intelligent Super Wash, L'Art Du Son Record Cleaning Fluid, Walker Audio Prelude Quartet Record Cleaning System, Last Power Cleaner, Last All Purpose Record Cleaner, Olly's OCRVC Record Cleaner...etc...etc. 

Our Record Cleaning Fluids can be used with VPI Record Cleaning Machines, Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machines, KAB EV-1 Record Cleaning Machines, Loricraft Record Cleaning Machines, Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machines, Clearaudio Record Cleaning Machines, Kuzma Record Cleaning Machines, Moth Record Cleaning Machines, and Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machines. Our record cleaning fluids also work great with manual record cleaning methods.